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Jen Mondain

Hi! I'm Jen Mondain, an illustrator & designer from Sydney, Australia.

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This is not a spoiler free blog!


I made some really self indulgent Tiger & Bunny designs for my acrylic charms. Plus a bonus Toothless and Teddie.

These ended up being my pick from all the previous designs that I had made and are now with the printers :D I am so excited to see how they turn out *v*

Hello,id just like to say that you have super good cute and awesome art!will you be selling any of these as prints or stickers online? —Anonymous

Ah thank you *v* I’m glad you like!! I guess it will depend on how much stock I have left. I only bought a small amount as it’s my first time tabling so didn’t want to end up with heaps of left overs.

My last set of stickers. BIRD TREATS!!

Some Tiger & Bunny stickers! I’m not entirely sure on the background pattern yet but we’ll see haha.

PERSONAAAAAA 4 stickers because I love P4 too much. I had to include Dojima and Nanako because they’re never included.

Tiny little baby Free! stickers for SMASH! Also featuring their little animal representations.

Edit: Whoops forgot Nagisa’s shirt design!

Cockatiels and guests. Some more sticker designs for smash! because I love birds.

A set of little eeveelution stickers for SMASH! Hopefully I can finish a few more sets of things in time to print.

It’s officially Armando! I need to work on everyone else’s designs now.

I made a new oc :3c I did intend for him to be the antagonist (in the beginning) of a new story I’m thinking of, however I love him so much he may become the protagonist ahahaha.

I can’t decide between Armando and Antonio.

I had the opportunity to do this year’s SMASH! poster. It’s a homage to Sailor Moon because our feature guest is none other than the voice of Sailor Moon herself, Kotono Mitsuishi!

If you have the chance you should totally come along *v*

Did this one for inthedesertwithgirls during my work break but thought I’d kick it off with an OC *v* I’m gonna use these more as warm ups and just go through them when I have time I’m open to more suggestions!

I should do this as I’ve always told myself to do some limited palettes for colour practice. So SEND ME stuff *v*

Some more chibis and then some updated ones! I have some better ideas for charms now as well HMMMM. Con art is hard.

Just some quick character doodles for a class project. It’s actually an environment design, but we got a small backstory which we needed to develop a little bit. I can’t work out if the lead female should be a red or white fox.