Art by Jen Mondain
Art by Jen Mondain

Illustrator, designer and bird enthusiast from Australia.

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Madison the party god has arrived just in time for nightingales birthday!!

A cute little freelance job I did recently. I haven’t taken on any extra work outside of my job in a long time, but I couldn’t resist this!

Working out if I wanna give Armando glasses just for reading or all the time :)

your art is gorgeous !!!!! [sighs wistfully] —buchanans

Thank you so much *^* It’s only been recently that I’ve started to get more comfortable with it again.

I ended up just doodling Scully as practice all evening. Still trying to work out how to colour things. What even is colour?

I’ve been forcing my friends to watch the the X-Files and it has been great to watch the whole series again.

Mulder and Scully still remains one of my favourite on screen partners.

Ahh a really late SMASH! report as I’ve been so busy but it was AMAZING!!!!!!! Holy poop I’ve never had so much fun at a con before and just such a great first time tabling experience.

The artist market this year was more than double the size and all of the artists were fantastic. I meet and got to hang out with so many artists that I admire and look up to.

I also got to be host to crowske, aivii, kaceymeg and larkles for a few days over the con and it was so fun and awesome to have them over *^* I hope one day you guys can come visit again!!

I also have a couple of charms left from the con (only one of Toothless though) so I might be selling them online in a bit.

Hello! This is Sherlock, the German artist from SMASH!. Thank you very much for the art-exchange, I already used the illustration of the birds to decorate the wall of my new room at the Robert Menzies College in Sydney. It was a pleasure to meet such a talented artist. I will link to you on my own page in case you have facebook(?), where I will post a picture of my room pretty soon(: ("DieLegendevonMarana" on Facebook) All the best and keep up the great work, you are awesome and I love birds! (: —Anonymous

Oh hi there :D Sorry I didn’t see this message earlier as it has been very busy. I’m super happy you liked my bird print and I hope you’ve been having fun in Sydney!

I unfortunately don’t have a facebook page. I have been thinking of making one sometime, but right now I only have tumblr.

Thank you for this lovely message :D It was lovely to meet you at SMASH!

My bird print for SMASH! I hope everybody loves birds as much as I do because I’m printing a bunch of these B)

I made some really self indulgent Tiger & Bunny designs for my acrylic charms. Plus a bonus Toothless and Teddie.

These ended up being my pick from all the previous designs that I had made and are now with the printers :D I am so excited to see how they turn out *v*

Hello,id just like to say that you have super good cute and awesome art!will you be selling any of these as prints or stickers online? —Anonymous

Ah thank you *v* I’m glad you like!! I guess it will depend on how much stock I have left. I only bought a small amount as it’s my first time tabling so didn’t want to end up with heaps of left overs.

My last set of stickers. BIRD TREATS!!

Some Tiger & Bunny stickers! I’m not entirely sure on the background pattern yet but we’ll see haha.

PERSONAAAAAA 4 stickers because I love P4 too much. I had to include Dojima and Nanako because they’re never included.

Tiny little baby Free! stickers for SMASH! Also featuring their little animal representations.

Edit: Whoops forgot Nagisa’s shirt design!